luxury proVilla

Introducing our premier gaming destination, the proVilla! A standout facility designed for professional teams seeking top-tier training and bootcamp experience. Beyond our eCamp for casual gamers and proCamp for professional teams, the proVilla sets the highest standards, accommodating up to 7 guests.

Exterior highlights include a spacious heated pool, a jacuzzi, a BBQ area, and a massive TV with a projector. Inside, the proVilla boasts a sleek modern kitchen, a fully-equipped gym, a sauna, and two bathrooms.

The dedicated gaming area is situated in the living room, featuring PCs connected via high-speed fiber-optic cable, equipped with top-of-the-line specs identical to those in our proCamp:

CPU: Intel Core i9-1300K

GPU: NVIDIA GeForce RTX 4070

Not just a visually stunning space, the proVilla is also highly functional. We facilitate food, drink, and grocery deliveries, offer a car rental service, and ensure seamless transfers from FRA airport to the proVilla.

Your comfort and success are our priorities; we take care of every detail to make your stay exceptional.