Company: 1337ePubs Frankfurt GmbH & Co. KG

Registered Office:

Jahnstr. 17

63303 Dreieich


Founded: 01/2019



Started out as a bar/ pub in the beginning of 2019, soon we learned that Covid hat different plans with us. The bar was soon history and all our energy went into the new found business – LAN-Parties and bootcamps.

You want to know more or you are looking for a more casual place to game? Check this out:

The Team

Left to right: Hiep (Media), Kano (Manager eCamp), Marvin Seifert (CEO), Justin (IT)

Frequently Asked Questions

Due to safety purposes, you will get the address with the booking confirmation. You can also contact us for more informations regarding the excact location.

We have 10 Sets at the Location. (Chair+Table+PC+Monitor)

Teams that book with us can rent out our Team car. The driver needs to be over 23 y.o. and needs a valid driving licence. The car can only be booked for the time of your visit. 

You can use the kitchen to prepair small meals. We have four hot plaes and many cooking pots. We also have two fridges, a freezer and a little oven.

However, most teams that visit us prefer diffrent caterin options that we offer. 


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