Traveling the world can be very exhausting, so we want to make your journey as smooth as possible. We offer a 24/7 transfer service and also a rental car for the time at our camp.


Within the esport world, Frankfurt is known to host a vast number of gaming servers for diffrent games like CS:GO, League of Legends, FIFA23, Fornite and many more. Under normal circumstances you will get a ping of 4-8ms at our facility. To insure the best possible conditions, three separate internet lines are connected. Download speed: 3 x 300.000 Mbit | Upload speed: 3 x 40.000 Mbit


Our mission is to make your boot camp as succsessfull as possible. Compare to many other boot camps, we dont offer sleep overs. Instead we are working with a partner hotel (700m) that will take care of you in the best possible way. The boot camp as well as the hotel are accesseble 24/7.

Food, Beverages and Catering

We do offer full service regarding food, drink and special catering as bookable options, however there are three super markets close by that offer a great range of products. The kitchen in the boot camp is fully functional and includes: 4 hotplates, 2 fridges, 1 freezer, 1 coffee machine, pots, plates and other usefull things that you might need.

Entertainment and Health

Gaming for many hours can be taff and some diversion is sometimes needed. Table Tennis and Mini Golf at the facility will bring you great fun and help to realx during your breaks. We also offer tours around Frankfurt if you want to explore the city. To bring your body and mind into the right state, we offer fitness training with a privat trainer.